Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anne Kirkland Turns 1

Anne Kirkland was a perfect little angel! She sat perfect and gave us the best faces. I can not wait to take pictures of her as she grows up!


We took Ansley's pictures at Ross Bridge and everything started out wonderful and like any typical 15 month old she had a break down. We were able to get some great pictures because we found a caterpillar and I put that on my camera lens. That was a new experience. Also, her Daddy gave her his wallet and like any typical Daddy's girl she was in heaven playing with his credit cards.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lainey Turns 1

Lainey did not want to eat her cake. She wanted to play in the water instead. Melissa worked long and hard to make sure these pictures were perfect and so her big sister Brooke smashed the cake in her face.

"Go Huskies"

Brooke is a beautiful teenager at HTMS. She asked me to take her pictures for her because she wanted something that wasn't posed and typical. We had fun at Trussville Springs taking these pictures

Ellie Newborn

Ellie was an awesome subject! She slept through the whole session and I do not think that she cried once. She is absolutely beautiful and so tiny! I can not wait to take more pictures of this beautiful angel.